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Do you have a visual merchandising plan in place? How do customers experience your store? Are they excited about your current offerings? How do you stack up against the competition? Don’t worry we can help you figure that all out. Allow us to help you achieve your sales goals. Merchandise is meant to sell, stay ahead of ┬áthe trends and offer your customers the lifestyle they imagine. Create that desire for the consumer to bring it home. Call us today and schedule a consultation.


From the moment you sign with Truesdale Morrison Design Agency, we make a commitment to you that we will fully deliver on our promises. We pledge to provide you with service you would expect as a consumer. Truesdale Morrison Design Agency believes and understands how important a successful business is to you, therefore we offer several plans to meet your needs. Whenever you need us we will be there


We offer sales development to move your merchandise. We also offer visual merchandise training and merchandising development. Allow us to help bring out the best in your current employees

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Global Insight

No matter where you are located in the world, we can help and keep you connected with the latest in cutting edge design and merchandising

Free Coffee

Let’s get together to create a plan of action to improve your sales and keep your customers coming back


We will develop a plan for your store that can be implemented right away. We can help you develop a merchandising plan that is proven to create results and improve your image

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Meet The Crew

“Allow me to turn your showroom into a showplace where all your merchandise is on display for your customers to devour”

Alicja Truesdale Director of Visual Merchandising

“By applying my years of unparalleled sales experience and training, visual merchandising and showroom development I will take your home store to the next level”

Kemper Morrison Director of Visual and Sales Training

“I design therefore I am, I am all about first impressions”

Jake Mathews Designer
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Visual Merchandising

Who we are?

As a collective we have had successful businesses in retail as well as in the residential home design field. We are Interior Design professionals that are dedicated to the advancement of small businesses in the home decor sector. Our combined skills have enabled us to create a unique opportunity for business owners just like you to create a stunningly beautiful showroom to move your products. We offer for our clients the empowerment of visual merchandising and showroom development to compete with larger retailers. Our clients are delighted with their boutique home stores that generate the return they have been yearning for. There are three fundamental reasons to hire a retail specialist here at the Truesdale Morrison Agency
1. Great design sells itself- your customers will be more inclined to buy when the desire is created. Give them what they want by selling the lifestyle they wish to create in their homes.
2. Your investment will yield a return- Its the old adage, "scared money makes no money". Invest in your business and you will be rewarded. The concept is simple
3. Consistency creates longevity- if you are looking to create a foundation, you must brand yourself and be consistent with your business and design model. Give your customers fresh and new items they want all within the brand we will help you build.
If you are ready to take the next step to increase profits then give us a call today.

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